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Microstructures & Material aplications
BU -100

82 % cbn

Ceramic League

Pearlitic cast iron,

Hardened steels (> 45 Hrc)

Hardfacing alloys

Chilled cast iron - powder


BU -90

90 % cbn

Metal League

Pearlitic cast iron,

Tool Steels

Cladding alloys

Powder metallurgy

BU -80

75 % cbn

Cermet-Ti League

Sintered ferrous

Cast iron

Iron powder metallurgy

Hardened steels

BU -60

65% cbn

Ceramic – Tin

Hardened steel alloys

Tool and die steels

BU -50

50% cbn

Ceramic – Tin

Interrupted cutting of steel alloys

Tool and die steels

The quality of BU-100 is a solid product, of integrated cbn composition without carbide substrate, suitable for high stress operations, such as mill rolls.

The remaining grades are supplied to the base of tungsten carbide, and are suitable for any type of tool that can join and support all types of steel or carbide.