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CBN (Polycristalline Boron Nitride)

Cutting Tools

URGELES DIAMANT, S.L. is fully engaged in the production of CBN tools given the importance of this product in the machining of complex materials used in the manufacture of components and parts for the automotive, aviation, or steel (hard steel, cast iron or sintered as more frequent) industries.

logo Urgeles DiamantURGELES DIAMANT, S.L. has developed a range of different qualities by particle sizes and different materials that compose their product base in order to get the most appropriate tools based on the materials to be machined and in turn has an extensive archive of experience in more diverse applications.


BU-100 integrated CBN tools are high tensile strength, excellent wear resistance, and chemical stability at high temperatures that occurs in intense bursts of material.

BU-90 is a similar product to the above BU-100 that supports machined severe interrupted cuts with less depth of cut.

BU-80 Especially recommended for the machining of sintered powder metallurgic iron.

BU-60 Excellent impact resistance and chemical stability especially suitable for finish machining of hardened steels <45 Hrc.

BU-50 Especially recommended for high speed turning in continuous cuts of hardened alloy steel and bearing steels and matrices.

logo Urgeles Diamant URGELES DIAMANT S.L. guarantees the origin of their raw materials from leading world producers in the industry in order to obtain the highest quality of its products and machining standards required by its customers.

logo Urgeles DiamantURGELES DIAMANT S.L.has a wide range of tools listed, many of them readily available in the UB-90 quality as this is the most common application, also the technical department in collaboration with customer engineering, can design any special utility tool in accordance with the conditions of the application.

logo Urgeles DiamantWe offer our customers the ability to stock on consignment according to needs and conditions. For possibilities of this option consult our sales department.