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Single Pointed and Shaped

URGELES DIAMANT, S.L., since its beginnings has produced a wide range of tools for shaping or grinding seasoned ceramics, from the traditional single pointed more simple tips to dressing plates aligned and classified in different sizes for use as grain and hardness of the wheels to be dressed, not forgetting the classic useful clusters of diamond dust, the multipoint or stoned rectifiers for profiling of grinding.

logo Urgeles Diamant URGELES DIAMANT, S.L. has a stock of tools for immediate delivery across the range, likewise, we offer after-sales service for the repair of our products.

MonopunSingle Point

we have two grades, the extra and the first, differentiated from each other by the greatest number of useful tips so that you have the extra quality and we have a greater potential for repair and a better structure of the crystals of the diamond.

Impregnated Dressing tools

have been developed based on multiple diamond grains properly standardized according to their size, to obtain a sound and economic simple tool grinding operation.

Dressing Plates

(losetas) posiblemente el útil mas idóneo para el rectificado mas exigente, se fabrican en dos tipos, el de agujas que es de mejor calidad ya que se emplean diamantes alargados debidamente seleccionados para obtener un espesor totalmente homogéneo, y los de granos de diamante también debidamente clasificados pero sin la consistencia de los primeros.

Shaped profile dressing tools

used primarily for the profiling of grinding to get radios and angles in ceramic grinding wheels that other types of rectifiers cannot achieve, resulting in high quality diamonds for their purity and their form.